What is Netgoban

Netgoban is an electronic go board that allows you to enjoy the feeling of a traditional wooden go board while taking advantage of all the possibilities of online and computer go.

It is made out of the same wood used in high quality go boards, so you get the best possible look and feel. You can play go with it just as you would on a normal board, for example sliding the stones.

Netgoban is connected to a computer through a USB cable, and by detecting where you place your stones it offers plenty of new possibilities in many different situations. For example:

  • Record and broadcast games automatically at tournaments
  • Play online at home using a physical board without any need to look at the computer screen (you will have to place your opponent’s stones, but the board will indicate where to do it!)
  • Study go at home, replaying professional games and problems easily directly on the board
  • Even at go clubs, it can be used to record games automatically or to play online whenever no opponent is available